You have smoke detectors. Your doors have good locks. The bathtub has a
slip-free pad. By all accounts, your home is a safe and secure place for your
family to live.

However, there are some hazards that many homeowners don’t consider or
even know about. For instance:

1. Blocked eavestroughs. Eavestroughs clogged with leaves and

other debris can cause rainwater to overflow next to your foundation

and create a basement leak.

2. Clogged dryer vents. High temperature air combined with lint is a

near ideal condition for a fire. Check and clear the dryer vent at least
once a year.

3. Dirty faucet heads. Kitchen and bath faucets often have built-in

screens to spray the water evenly. Unfortunately, dirt and other
contaminates can build up on these and, possibly, affect the quality
of the water. Clean faucet heads regularly.

4. Tripping hazards. You could step around a loose section of carpet

for years and then one day, in a moment of distraction, trip over it
and fall. When you see a potential tripping hazard in your home, don’t
ignore it. Fix it.

Being diligent about home safety takes a little more time. But, if it prevents

one injury or illness, it’s worth the effort.


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