When you’re selling your home, you want it to look its best. You want buyers
who view it to say, “Wow, I love this place!” However, what if you have a
stubborn stain in the carpet, or a cracked floor tile? An unsightly issue like
that can be distracting in your otherwise beautiful property.

You have a few options.

First, try to get the issue fixed. There are specialty cleaners on the market
designed to lift even the most stubborn carpet stains.

The same goes for hardwood and tile. A flooring contractor might be able to
find a matching piece and then replace the damaged section. Contractors
also know other tricks-of-the-trade to repair damaged flooring or, at least,
minimize the damage. For example, there are fillers and stains available that
can make a crack or chip in a hardwood plank look almost invisible.

Home staging can also make damaged flooring less of a focal point in the
room. An effective arrangement of furniture, area rugs, and other items puts
more of the focus on the overall decor and less on that carpet stain.

In addition, making other more affordable improvements, such as painting,
can have a compensatory effect. A buyer may notice the chipped hardwood,
but will also notice the walls, which look like new.

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