Imagine going to a restaurant with your family for dinner. You’re
planning on ordering a nice pasta and salad. Your heart is set on it.
But, after you go to the trouble of driving there and getting a table,
you discover that pasta is not on the menu.

That’s disappointing!

Of course, it’s only a meal. You can go somewhere else next time.
But, what if the same scenario played out once you had moved into a
new neighbourhood? Imagine you were counting on public transit
being in easy walking distance, but discovered the nearest stop is
four blocks away. Argh!

That’s why it’s important to ensure a neighbourhood has the
characteristics you want — before you make an offer on a home you like.

Think about what you want most in a neighbourhood. Consider work,
commuting, schools, playgrounds, noise level, walking and cycling,
hobbies, shopping, entertainment, etc.

If there is a neighbourhood feature that is very important to you,
check it out for yourself. For example, if easy access to a main
highway is desirable for commuting, take the route for a test drive.

You can get a lot of information on a neighbourhood through the
listed property’s description and MLS listing.

Want more in-depth insights into an area you’re considering? I have
that information. Call today.

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