Whether you’re considering buying a particular home, selling your current property – or both – a home inspection can help.

A home inspection is an inspection by a qualified professional who takes a close look at every aspect of a home – structure, wiring, plumbing, and more – and identifies issues you may not have noticed yourself.

For example, a home inspection can reveal that a furnace will need to be replaced soon, or that there is a water leak into the basement that needs to be fixed.

You’ll definitely want to get a professional home inspection before you buy a particular property. That’s why most offers to purchase a home are conditional upon passing a home inspection. (The last thing you want is to buy your dream home only to discover that the wiring needs to be updated!)

You may also want to get a home inspection on your own home before you list it for sale. A certificate from a qualified professional that states that your home passed inspection will make your property more attractive to buyers.

Many reputable home inspectors are members of a professional industry association.

In Canada:

·         Canada Association of Home & Property Inspectors. (http://www.cahpi.ca)

·         Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada. (http://www.phpic.ca)

·         National Home Inspectors Certification Council. (http://www.nationalhomeinspector.org)

In the U.S.

·         American Society of Home Inspectors. (http://www.ashi.org)

·         National Association of Home Inspectors. (http://www.nahi.org)

·         American Institute of Inspectors. (http://www.inspection.org)

It’s important to note that certification or licensing is not a requirement in many jurisdictions. So select a home inspector carefully.

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