Whether you’re painting your home to prepare it for sale, or simply to make it
more attractive for your own enjoyment, choosing the right colour is important.
A colour isn’t just a matter of taste, it’s also, to a large extent, about the
emotions it elicits.

If you’re painting your foyer, for example, you may want it to seem bright and
welcoming. So, light orange tones might be appropriate as that colour is often
interpreted as friendly.

In your living room, you may want to create an atmosphere of comfort and
relaxation. In that case, consider shades of greens or grays as those colours
communicate peacefulness and calm.

Want the rec room to look vibrant and energetic? Purples and reds
communicate those emotions.

Where do you find more information about colour psychology? There are
plenty of charts available online. Just Google “colour psychology charts”.
They can help you select just the right colour to convey the feeling you want
for a room.

Of course, if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with soft beiges, especially
when selling your home. Neutral colours are often interpreted as reliable.

Have questions about painting and other fix-ups that will help sell your home
faster and for the best price? Call today.

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